Apple reveals $999 iPhone X

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Today has held a lot of firsts for Apple: Their first watch to support cellular data; their first smartphone to support wireless charging; and now it is the first time that the Cupertino based company released not one, not two, but three different iPhones, one of which is on an entirely different level from the rest.


Only recently did we hear that this device would be named “iPhone X”, and those last-minute rumors turned out to be right. The iPhone X, pronounced “iPhone 10” rather than the actual “X” sound, is Apple’s big showcase iPhone for 2017.


Even at a glance, iPhone X stands out from any other iPhone. With a 5.8-inch OLED “all-screen” Super Retina display, iPhone X follows this year’s trend of omitting bezels in favor of screen space. Additionally, another design element that people might notice – or might notice is missing – is the iconic home screen button that has been present in every phone except for this one. Rather, the iPhone X will use Face ID and swipe gestures for users to unlock and navigate their phone.


Full disclosed specs for the iPhone X include the aforementioned 5.8-inch display, A11 Bionic processor, 64 or 256GB of internal storage, and 12-megapixel dual rear-facing cameras with f/1.8 wide-photo lens and f/2.4 telephoto. RAM and battery capacity have not yet been disclosed, but this article will be updated when that information is confirmed.


The phone’s front-facing “Face ID” camera is said to be more secure than Touch ID and will frequently updates with new scans of a user’s face to account for any changes such as haircuts, glasses, beards and hats. Apple claims that there’s only one in a million chance that somebody could unlock a device using Face ID, compared to one in 50,000 for Touch ID.


Face ID also allows users to toy around with the new Animoji feature, with emulates expressions of a user’s face through an animal emoji.


Although Apple had to give up some beloved features like the home button in order to make room for more screen, there’s still a handy button on the side of the device to control features like Siri (one long press) or Apple Pay (double press).


Although the iPhone 8 duo and iPhone X are different in many aspects, there are a couple of aspects in which they are the same. All three devices support wireless charging with Qi wireless charging technology, and all three also have glass front and backs.


And then we get to the price. The iPhone X stands to be Apple’s most expensive iPhone yet, with prices starting at $999 for the 64GB model. Pre-orders for the device start on October 27th, and the device will ship and be available in stores on November 3rd. It will come in space gray and silver colors.